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About Us

Our history begins in 1953, when a family started the bakery business. Making bread under the tradition of a people who only do what they love to do. The desire to do more and better, meeting the needs of the people, made us later on also embrace a pastry project.

Today, renewed and more then ever concerned with the demands of the market, we continue with the same passion as always, with a spirit of change, ambition and the desire to bet on a better future.

We are Padaria Gomes, a recognized brand in the Regional market… and what moves us, what motivates us are the people, to deliver the best product, the best flavor and the best quality. Because nothing has more flavor than the taste of Shared Bread.

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Missão, Visão Valores

Mission and Vision

These are the foundations on which we have built our brands and our ways of working. It was based on these principles that we defined the standards that guide our objectives and management model.

Our mission is to continue to produce with excellence all the products we offer.

We are currently investing in good environmental practices, resorting to artisanal manufacturing processes, reducing the presence of plastic, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Values such as honesty, integrity, ethics and respect for people are part of our foundation therefore are non-negotiable for us.

Our Brands

In recent years, in addition to significantly increasing our range of products, we have also created new brands, each with its own identity and value proposition, but all with the same common denominator: quality.

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Bolo Lêvedo Receita da Nélia
Gotas de Chocolate

Quality and Food Safety Policy

We consider the food safety to be fundamental, integrated in our industrial and commercial strategy. For that, we have recently increased our investments in this area to increase consumer confidence and improve the implemented Food Safety Management system. We are committed to:

#01 Guarantee the Food Safety of the foodstuffs we manufacture and sell, increasing market competitiveness as well as productivity;

#02 Ensure the identification of hazards related to the healthiness of foodstuffs, establishing effective control measures in order to control them;

#03 Make the necessary resources available to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the food management system;

#04 Evaluate and monitor the objectives and goals of quality and food safety as well as disseminate the results to employees in order to encourage the common objective of improvement;

#05 Ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices, legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements related to food safety;

#06 Satisfy the requirements defined in agreement with the customer;

#07 Ensure that the Food Safety Policy is understood by all employees of the organization, in order to guarantee its implementation;

#08Communicate interactively with our business partners, including suppliers and customers, about food safety issues, in order to improve your FSMS;

#09 Ensure compliance with all aspects relevant to the protection of ethics, with respect for the individuality of each worker, ensuring that no type of discrimination occurs, complying with labor laws, providing continuous training that guarantees the acquisition of the necessary skills necessary for their function, health, safety and well-being conditions.

The described policy is disclosed to all company employees through the Manual of Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practices and HST and through its posting on the entrance panel. The policy’s internal communication aims to ensure that all employees feel integrated in the improvement process and feel the impact of their actions on the Food Safety Management System.

Respecting the environment

Throughout our long existence, we have made efforts to innovate to respond to market needs. We are fully aware that, the preference we have among our end and business customers is largely due to the fact that we have always spared no efforts to follow their needs and expectations.

However, this desire to evolve has never been separated from an environmental concern because, for us, business activity cannot compromise the environment.

Our genuine concern for environmental sustainability is an integral part of our way of being and acting.

Respeitando o Ambiente